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Roger Street Friedman
Roger Street Friedman

Shoot the Moon

Shoot The Moon exudes an album-oriented cohesion which is to say there is a broad spectrum of feelings and genres threaded together by Friedman’s well-developed aesthetic sense. His stylistic calling card is both earthy and urbane, spanning pastoral folk, euphoric New Orleans-style horn driven pop-rock, alt-country, blues and R&B.

It’s a full-emotional spectrum collection of vivacious and reflective vignettes from real life that recalls the pop-rock singer-songwriter tradition of Marc Cohn, Randy Newman, Warren Zevon, Collin Hay, Mark Knopfler and Robbie Robertson. In an age of irony, few songwriters are this brave in their vulnerability. Album standouts include the horn-driven Crescent City funk of “Puffs Of Smoke,” the stirring duet “Tomorrow,” featuring Amy Helm, the infectious “Shoot The Moon,” and the gospel-tinged “Tidal Wave.”

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